Welcome to Word by Word, my home on the internet, and thank you for visiting.  I’m a fantasy writer and self-published author of two novels, Shadow of the Wolf and Wings of the Butterfly.  I would have published more by now, but I also have a husband (Bear) a baby (Bunny) and a full time job (Teacher).  All which keep me very busy, and forced to carve out writing time whenever I can.

But I always do, because writing is my passion.  I love to tell stories, of every kind.  Hidden away on my hard drive is every genre of story; drama, romance, fantasy, sci fi, mystery western and everything in between.  But my favorite, above all of them, is fantasy.  Because fantasy can be all of them.  Fantasies can have drama, romance, mystery and they can even share the frontier outlaw nature of western, and the feel futuristic feel of sci fi.

Above all that, I love fantasy and I write fantasy, because I can make my own rules.  I can create worlds from the ground up, develop cultures, religions and languages.  And characters that fit in those worlds.  Through my characters, I’ve discovered that no matter the world, no matter how much magic or advanced tech is floating around, people are still people.  Their problems are universal, even if the trappings look a little different from Middle Earth to Downton Abbey.

I want to share my worlds and characters with you.  Thank you again for visiting my website.  I hope you’ll stay a while, explore my worlds, read my stories and get to know my characters.  I look forward to getting to know you.


What You’ll Find On Word By Word


Here you’ll find my fiction, both stories for sale and stories I’ve shared free of charge.  Links to my for sale fiction will take you to another site, either Amazon, B&N or Smashwords.  All my fiction you’ll find at this point is fantasy.  I might put some of my dabbling in other genres up one day, but not any time soon.

Visit “Are You My Reader” to see if my fiction would be right for you.


Sort of “nonfiction fiction” if you will.  These pages hold information about the worlds I’ve created.  Everything from character sketches, world, culture and language descriptions and even “artifacts” from my fictional worlds.  All of the artifacts are things I’ve created myself.  I love to play around with different craft activities.

My Thoughts

Through my blog, I share my personal thoughts.  I use my blogging to explore different aspects of my writing, and learn more about my worlds and characters.  For example, I might blog about how a character from my current WIP would react to a recent news story.  Rest assured, I will never use this as a cop-out to state offensive opinions and hide behind the excuse “that’s just what my character says” without giving my own thoughts.  I will always offer my own opinion alongside that of a particular character.  I never intend to upset anyone. but if you spend enough time here, you will likely read something you disagree with.  And eventually, you might read something that offends you.  I’m not shy or secretive about who I am or what I believe.  That would make me a very weak writer.