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I’m not feeling terribly insecure about my writing specifically this month.  Cry of the Hawk is coming along much better than it was.  My two revision projects are also trucking along.

My main insecurity right at the moment is rather similar to what I felt when I first self-published.  I’m launching a Patreon, and I’m down right terrified.

I have two novels self-published and for the most part, they sit on the electronic shelves gathering dust.  I see a few sales here and there, but nothing spectacular.  Part of me thinks and hopes that a Patreon page will change that.  That having that link out there will attract more people to my website and generate more interest.

Another, perhaps more logical part, realizes that it will basically be just another self-published novel.  One I’ll have to market, something I’m still learning how to do.  One that may sit on the electronic shelves, gathering dust.  Dust I will have to look at each day when I go in and see I have no new subscribers.

But it’s all about incentive.  If I can get even one person to subscribe, it will give me impetus.  My plan is to post serials, which I’ve noticed some indie authors do through their websites.  If I know someone is waiting for that new chapter each week, I’ll want to post it.  I think that will keep me going.  And that interaction between myself and readers, even if it’s just one, is what I want more than anything.

Wish me luck.  My plan to launch on September 5th, with a full serial ready to go, and an exclusive short story going to anyone who donates.

Anyone else have any crazy marketing plans?  Do they terrify you?


12 thoughts on “August IWSG – Patreon Cold Feet

  1. I need to do some marketing and promotional stuff soon. Been kind of busy writing new books so I’ll need to kick things in high gear real soon. Good luck with your promotions next month!

    Stephen Tremp
    IWSG Co-Host August 2016

    1. I would say I enjoy it when it comes together really well, meaning when I’m happy with the promotional things I create. More often then not I’m glaring at the computer in frustration beings my pictures and copy are just not coming out right. I do prefer the simplicity of writing fiction. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. I’m always jumping back and forth on the self-publishing consideration fence. It’s a tough business and takes a lot of time and effort–and even that isn’t a sales guarantee. So I’m impressed with people who take the plunge. Congrats on the serial launch! Add me to your new follower list :)

    1. Thanks for joining the list :-) It is a lot of work, and thus far my sales are nothing to write home about. But I haven’t regretted it for a minute. It’s all quite fun :-)

  3. Hi,
    I don’t know what a Patreon is. Could you please explain it to me?
    Don’t give up. Keep moving toward your goal. Something will break open for you.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,

    1. It’s somewhat like Kickstarter, but for extended, creative projects. For example, a lot of video producers use Patreon. Supporters either pay a fixed amount per video or, if the Patron tends to release a lot of videos, they can do a monthly subscription. Supporters pay whatever they want, including one time donations, and depending on that they get different perks. For a lot of video producers, perks are as simple as getting your name on a thank you page in their next video. A bigger perk might be getting to request a video topic :-) It should be an interesting experiment.

  4. I’ll be interested to hear how Patreon works for you as a writer. I know some people who are on it, but they use it to support videos, not books. It seems to be successful for them, so fingers crossed it works for you as well.

  5. Good luck with the serials! I know it doesn’t help you right away, but what I’ve heard from friends who went indie is that the more work you have out there, the more of the other titles you’ll sell, as well. More things for them to happen across, enjoy, and make them seek out others.

  6. I hear you!

    Marketing is tough stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever fully get the hang of it, but it’s all about taking little steps and building rapport, and of course, writing the next story is marketing in and of itself. :-) Best of luck, and I’ve signed up too!

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