Do You Have Goals – Happy Soon to be Halloween

The spoopiest time of year is upon us (yes, I know how I spelled it) and soon enough, will come Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Year’s and why is my life going by so fast!

Oh well.

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for Misha and Beth’s Do You Have a Goal Blog Hop, where bloggers share their monthly goals.  The hop is hosted by Misha Gericke and Beth Fred.  Click the links to read the guidelines, join the hop and find some great bloggers to follow.

Let’s see how I did for October –

Add a new world (Coventry) to the Explore section of my website – Not quite there yet, but it’s in process.  
Add 5 new pages of content to my website – Not even close, but that was sort of lumped in with the Coventry Explore page anyway, so one begets the other

Add 5 more short stories to my website and Wattpad – Not at all, but I did decide to also start publishing stories on  So, that’s something.  I do have a couple stories up on Wattpad, and soon to be more (still feeling out how Wattpad works)  If you check them, please feel free to drop a comment.

Post the first chapter of Wilde Born – Yes, I did this.  Here’s the link to it on my website:  Wilde Born Chapter 1, and here’s the link on Wattpad:  Wilde Born Chapter 1  Chapter 2 comes out next Friday. nano-cover

Get ready for Nanowrimo – Yaas! This one I actually did, 100%.  I’m writing four longer stories for nano, plus a bunch of short stories, should writer’s block creep up.  I’ve got all my longer stories outlined and ready to go, and I have my mockup nano cover ready, as you can see on the left.  I can’t wait for next Tuesday!





Goals for November

Writing will be my focus for November, with a little website stuff on the side, like adding those Coventry pages.

  • Finish the first draft of Caste of Iron
  • Finish the revision draft of Chalice and send off to my crit group
  • Get the Coventry page on my website up and running
  • Write a couple of good blog posts

Good luck to my fellow Goal Blog Hoppers, and to everyone striving to meet their goals this month.  Sound off in the comments and share you own goals.  


3 thoughts on “Do You Have Goals – Happy Soon to be Halloween

  1. Wow. You got a huge amount done in October! Awesome. I find time today to explore the new parts of your blog. I keep hearing good things about Wattpad. Not enough hours in the day to read all the wonderful work out there from everyone! Do you have a local crit group or is it online?

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