Top Ten Tuesday and Novels You Still Haven’t Read Yet

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This one is going to be painful.  Today’s theme is books sitting on your shelf that you still haven’t read.

There’s quite a few of those.  In keeping with the theme, these are books that have been on my shelves for over five years.  Wow!

Lirael by Garth Nix

What’s sad is that I’ve actually read the third novel in this trilogy.  For some reason, despite the fact that I own the second novel, I still haven’t read it.  *sigh*  I did attempt to read it and made it about halfway through, but it didn’t capture me the way the first novel, Sabriel did.  But I really should get around to reading it.


The Pilo Family Circus by Will ElliottIMG_3252

After reader the Darren Shan series, I was on a bit of a haunted circus/sideshow kick, so that’s how I ended up with this one.  However, I’ve never even opened it up.  It definitely skews to horror, which I was into for a while, but less so now.  But I might still try it.


IMG_3251The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

I bought this one after I finished The Divine Secrets novels, because Amazon seemed to feel the two were similar.  They might be, but I have no idea.  I haven’t even managed to open this one up.



Leave Your Language Alone by Robert A. Hall, JR.IMG_3250

People often assume I must be a grammar nazi because I’m a former English teacher.  Far from it.  I actually have to bite my tongue when friends or family members post things on Facebook about how much hearing “bad” grammar annoys them.  I very much subscribe to the belief that if you are a native speaker of a language, and you aren’t intoxicated, tired, or suffering from any other neurological problem, you are speaking you’re language perfectly fine.  I was actually quite happy to discover that there are books explaining this to people from as far back as the fifties.  But evidently I wasn’t excited enough to actually read the thing.

IMG_3249Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

I can pretend I read this one, because I watched the discovery channel special he did a while back.  Then again that probably doesn’t count.  I actually purchased this one from a library sale to add to my historical research collection.  I probably should read it, because the information would come in very handy.


Ancient Inventions by Peter James and Nick ThorpeIMG_3248

Someone suggested this as a great book for historical research.  I have read a few sections of it, and it’s amazing the things we think of as completely modern, that were actually around thousands of years ago.  I would like to read the full book one day.


IMG_3247The Difference Engine by William Gibson

I was in a big steam punk phase for a while, and this one came recommended as a very unique entry in that genre.  I tried, but I couldn’t get in to it.  Maybe I’ll try again around the holidays.



A College of Magics by Caroline StevermerIMG_3254

I bought this back when I would snatch any novel that mentioned the word magic right off the shelf.  While it didn’t have quite the spectacular magical feats of say the Harry Potter novels early on, the narrative intrigued me.  Unfortunately, it was one of those instances where I came to the end of a chapter, put the book down, and never got around to picking it back up.  It remains on my list.


So that’s my confession today :-)  What books do you have sitting around, either on your shelves or on you e-reader.  Sound off in the comments.  


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday and Novels You Still Haven’t Read Yet

  1. The only one of these I’ve read is The Secret Life of Bees. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s about but I remember liking it at the time and thinking it was a pretty quick read. Leave Your Language Alone sounds like a pretty intriguing read. :)

    1. Nix is fantastic and I loved Sabriel. The worldbuilding is amazing, which I’m a sucker for. I think I just have a compulsion to never complete a series, although I did manage with Harry Potter :-)

  2. OMg…this reminds me of my huge ignoring of Sabriel for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS. *hides under the bed* I so need to get onto that series since it’s like a fantasy classic and plus by an Aussie author and my Aussieness is shamed right now.?

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