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Top Ten Tuesdays is a bloghop hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Participants make lists of our top ten books, or whatever the theme happens to be, based on that week’s prompt. The topics can be found here about a month in advance.

Holy cow, I’m so excited about this one, ya’ll.  I love my podcast list!  Links will take you to the most prominent website of the podcast in question.

Okay, starting off …

Image result for sawbonesSawbones:  A marital tour of misguided medicine.  Sawbones centers around crazy medical foolishness humans have engaged in throughout history.  The couple that hosts the podcast, Sydnee and Justin McElroy, play off each other really well and are a lot of fun to listen to.  Warning, this one can have a high gross out factor, so approach with caution.



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Stuff You Missed in History Class:  Mildly obscure, but always fascinating historical stories and biographies.  Some episodes explain how something came to be, like the tradition of the white wedding, or margarine.



Image result for magic lessons with elizabeth gilbertMagic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert: I recommend this to anyone with a creative slant.  It’s very inspirational.  Elizabeth Gilbert chats with people struggling with creative roadblocks and coaches them in how to overcome those blocks.  I’ve taken to listen right before I start writing.



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Flash Forward:  This one is so right up my alley, and if you love speculative fiction, check this out. Each episode, Rose Eveleth posits one possible future scenario, such as robots being used as teachers, and discusses how such a thing would come to be.  Episodes start with a little audio drama depicting the future in question, which is really cool.  I must say, my favorite so far is the Witch Who Came From Mars, which came about in a fascinating way.  I definitely suggest you check it out.


Image result for taste of the past podcastA Taste of the Past:  I love to cook, as I’ve said probably too many times, and I love to learn more about food, including food customs and diets from the past.




Image result for You must remember this

You Must Remember This:  I’m a sucker for anything about Classic Hollywood.  Karina Longworth tells stories about Hollywood through the ages, including sound clips and backed by the sort of music I listened to as a weird, hipster teen.  Nothing’s better than a podcast with a smooth jazz background.



Image result for how did this get made podcastHow Did This Get Made:  If you have a guilty pleasure over terrible movies, and love hearing them torn apart, this one is for you.  I love listening to bad movies getting a beating, and this podcast gives me endless laughs.


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99% Invisible:  I so love histories, if you couldn’t tell from this list.  Obscure stories that not many people know are some of my favorite.  They range from bizarre, to horrific, to hilarious, but never fail to be entertaining, and Roman Mars tells these stories in a wonderfully compelling way.


*warning* not suitable for kids

Image result for My Dad Wrote a PornoMy Dad Wrote a Porno:  It’s exactly what it says on the tin and it is flat out hilarious.  The awkwardness of listening to Jamie Morton reading a porno written by his father is nicely balanced with the commentary and ribbing of his two friends, Alice Levine and James Cooper.  Definitely not for a younger audience, but if you enjoy raunchy humor, give this a listen.



Any of these on your list?  Sound off in the comments and let me know what podcasts are your favorite.  


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