Wewriwa and a glimpse into Maren


Time for another round of Weekend Writing Warriors, hosted on Wewriwa.  Participants share their 8-10 sentence WIP snippets.  Click the link to check out the rules, visit some blogs on the linky and sign up to share your writing.

Today you get a little glimpse into the world of Maren.  I’m planning to be a nano rebel this year, and at least a portion of my daily words will go toward a series of short stories set in Maren.  If you’re at all curious about Maren, check the link and learn more about this strange, alternate world.




Jessa hurried down the mostly empty street, her overcoat skirt gathering dust.  The North Street railcar rattled along, on the other side of the median.  Jessa glanced at it with mild distaste before hurrying on.  No way was anyone getting her into one of those contraptions, with that damn lightening sparking off the top.  People were insane, and always in such a damn hurry. 

She stumbled on a crack in the sidewalk.  With a grunt, she stopped and bent to adjust her overshoes.  It was a good thing she always left early, or else she’d be late every day with all the things that held her up.  She started forward again, but a soft noise brought her up short. 

A cry, like a small, wounded animal.  


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