Wewriwa and more from the world of Coventry

Time for another round of Weekend Writing Warriors, hosted on Wewriwa.  Participants share their 8-10 sentence WIP snippets.  Click the link to check out the rules, visit some blogs on the linky and sign up to share your writing.

A couple Sundays ago I shared a snippet of my current draft, Caste of Iron, set in the steam-punkesque world of Coventry.  It was a nice little family scene between main character Lewk and his sister and step-father.  Today you get to meet Lewk’s formidable mother, although she may not appear that way in this snippet.


This vase screamed Coventry to me :-)

Lewk walked through the small sitting room and into his mother’s bed chamber.

Songhist Khalope, matriarch of the Khalope family since her own mother had passed away, sat propped up by several thickly stuffed pillows. A damp cloth was wrapped around her neck, and her end table was scattered with jars and boxes of poultices and powders. 

She kept her healer busy, Lewk knew, and the man was too terrified to tell her she was perfectly fine.  He’d certainly told as much to Lewk, Mosa, Silla and anyone else who would listen.

Lewk suspected that his mother feigned her hypochondria so that her competitors in business would underestimate her.  And perhaps so she could avoid important family gatherings and reunions. 

He kissed her cheek and she wrapped her arms around him with a strength that belied her claimed weakness.  “Oh, my love, it’s wonderful to have you home.”  She released him and fished a handkerchief out of a box on the side table. 

As Lewk hints here, Songha is not someone to trifle with, as will be revealed later in the novel.  Let me know what you think and happy writing.





6 thoughts on “Wewriwa and more from the world of Coventry

  1. You set the scene well. I can visualize the sickroom. But I’m bothered by the phrase “feigned her hypochondria.” It seems redundant to me. Maybe something like “Lewk suspected his mother’s hypochondria was contrived to make her business competitors underestimate her.”

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