Wewriwa – A Witchhunt in Everwold

WeWriWa 2Welcome again for Weekend Writing Warriors, hosted on Wewriwa.  Bloggers today can share their 8-10 sentence WIP snippets.  Click the link to check out the rules, visit some blogs on the linky and sign up to share your writing.

Everwold is one of my stranger worlds, in that it’s not a planet, but very much a fantasy world.  A continent, surrounded by ocean and deadly mist, and occupied in the center by a dark forest and a  mountain so tall you can’t see the top.


Witch-hunt doesn’t play much on this weirdness.  The main character, Mara, is a Queen’s Mage, a division charged with hunting down and arresting witches, men and women in Everwold who engage in illegal magical practices.

In this snippet, Mara, and her fellow Queen’s Mages Baldur and Hedmar have arrived in a small village that’s just reported five children missing, apparently under very suspicious circumstances.

The air stank of illness, vomit and excrement.  Mara gagged into her hand, and Hedmar turned a rather muddy shade of green.  Men and women graced a few of the tavern tables, faces marred with red and black sores. 

Baldur glanced at them with a frown, before snagging Garath by the tunic lapel.  “Should we have masks, man?”

Garath glanced at them, eyes wide, and sputtered behind the cloth mask he must have donned as they entered the tavern.  “Terribly sorry, of course, Lord … I apologize Queen’s Mage Sevingtere.”  He dug into the pouch at his side and produced three strips of cloth, spelled to screen out illness.  As Mara tied hers on, she surveyed the room. 

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