Create a Language

Create a Language is a 6 week course designed to help aspiring conlangers create a functional language, for stories, rpgs, or just for fun.

Why Create This Course?

I’ve always loved languages, and was fascinated by the myriad different ways people have to communicate. I discovered Conlanging when I took my first linguistics course in college, and it floored me. I could create my own languages, the same way I created worlds for my stories? I was hooked. But I discovered quickly that developing a language from scratch is a daunting task. There were no courses anywhere, only a few how-to books and websites. I muddled through, made a lot of mistakes and left a lot of languages have finished, their fantasy speakers forever unable to properly communicate. But I managed to create a couple of awesome languages.

Looking online recently, I realized that nothing has changed. For the all the writing courses, map making courses and even expansive world building courses, there still aren’t any online courses dedicated to Conlanging.

So here it is. My Conlang course. Pretty rough around the edges still, but hopefully it will help take that step and become a Conlanger. It’s really fun on this side of crazy 🙂