Maren (The Odd World)

I know quite a lot about Maren, though I haven’t fully written any fictional stories set here.  Maren fascinates me more deeply then any of my other worlds, because it is rather bizarre.

You see Maren is a world where the majority of human beings are homosexual.  The species evolved that way, and that simple facet has colored everything about how their culture has developed.

World and Character Sketches

“A Treatise on Human Evolution Upon the Planet of Maren” (I wish I knew who wrote this darn thing, but it has told me a lot about how humans evolved on Maren)

Anualla’s Story – A Stone Age Child – 20,000 BME (A character/life sketch rather than a story. Insight into the typical life of a Maren child in their prehistoric age)

Hafrek’s Story – A Plains Hunter – 17,000 BME